Layup & Laminating Epoxy Resin™

Layup and Laminating Epoxy is specifically designed for ease of use in resin/fiberglass composite construction. It is exceptionally compatible in wood/fiberglass/epoxy composite boat construction and ideally suited for glass layup on glass/polyester hulls where blister repair requires additional glass layup.

Layup and Laminating Epoxy is formulated with a glass fiber wetting agent developed by Smith & Co. after a nine-month research program. When you paint the resin on the surface and then gently press the glass cloth into the wet resin, in a few minutes you will see the glass cloth go completely transparent as the powerful wetting agent does its job. In 1992 it was upgraded to incorporate the new Dual synergistic Catalyst, a breakthrough in the control of epoxy resin curing. This new technology not only makes the existing product at least twice as convenient to use, but will bring about an absolutely dependable full chemical cure at tempuratures down to minus 2 °C. This is done while maintaining the flexibility and toughness which has been a hallmark of Smith & Co. epoxy adhesives from the beginning.

Lower-viscosity products may wet glass cloth faster, but will be less flexible than the wood and can spilt the wood or crack themselves with age, stress and wood expansion/contraction. Layup and Laminating Epoxy has a flexibility comparable to wood because it's formulation is derived from wood.

Most epoxy resins systems develop an oily film on the surface when they cure. This is called "amine blush" or "blush" or other colorful names. The manufactureres of such products will tell you that you must sand between laminations in order to get adhesion. The genius at Smith & Co. spent quite a few years discovering what actually causes "amine blush" (since no one seemed to know) and naturally discovered the reason. This led to our Lay up and Lamination technology which virtually eliminates that oily film and the need to sand between successive glass/epoxy layups!

Layup and Laminating Epoxy is not brittle. You can see for yourself, as the above picture indicates. Mix a small amount of our resin, then pour in onto a piece of clear polyethylene plastic and allow to cure. In a couple of days lift the cured epoxy puddle off the plastic and bend it with your fingers. Ours will bend a little and then crack and break, try this with whatever epoxy you have been using and you will have to wear safety glasses; they will shatter like glass with splinters flying up in the air.

Layup and Laminationg Epoxy Resin mixes 1:1 by volume, and is forgiving of minor mix ratio errors. Mixing by weight may be done at 10 parts A to 12 parts of B. For best results mix in one container and transfer to a second container then mix again. Allow to sit for 10 minutes before use.

This product is intended for fiberglass layup or laminating wood. This is not intended for hardwoods. Our resin is not a petrolum based product so the manufacturing costs are higher. What you get is a tougher and more flexible product that is inherently more durable. Mixed with a filler such as sawdust, you get a incredible paste that bonds to CPES, easily filling voids and replacing areas of rot that had to be removed. ie.. Damaged logs in log home construction.

What you see is Layup and Laminating Epoxy Resin mixed with fine sawdust. This is perfect for filling voids or areas where wood had to be removed due to decay.