Fill-It is a non-sagging, non-shrink paste which will produce a high strength, light weight, easy shaping and sanding surface. It consists of an epoxy resin and a curing agent that is reinforced with short glass fibers for tensile strength . Fill-It will expand and contract with wood without separating or cracking.

It represents a breakthrough in the technology of filling compounds. Through the use of advanced hydrogen bonding technology we have produced a high strength, light weight, non sagging, easily sanded epoxy filler. The components are designed to mix one to one by volume, When mixed they become a gel which may be faired and worked to a feathered edge. After one to two hours in moderate weather it begins to harden, and cures overnight. As soon as it does not gum up the paper it may be sanded and primer or paints applied.

It is easily carved or drilled, and screws may be driven into pilot holes without cracking. It has sufficient compressive strength that it maybe used to fill defects in ferrocement boat hulls as well as repair wooden beams, window sills or other parts of wood buildings.

This product was invented by a physicist and aerospace engineer. It was designed to meet the same formulation standards as aerospace materials. It contains an aerospace adhesion-enhansing additive to give it aggressisve and tenacious adhesion to wood, cement and a wide variety of materials.

In order to ensure a good adhesion of Fill-It epoxy filler to a surface the first application should be a thin film pressed forcefully against the surface. An additional quantity may be tooled smooth and level by placing a clean new piece of clear 4-mil or 6-mil polyethylene sheet over the uncured material. Leave the plastic film in place until the filler has cured, the plastic film may now easily be peeled off. In order to ensure adhesion of whatever primer or paint is to be applied next, it is recommended that Fill-It epoxy filler be sanded before paint.

The two componets of Fill-It filler are slightly different colours in order to aid in mixing. The mixed colour is off white. Custom colors of Fill-It may be provided in a sixty gallon minimum order.

This before and after photo of a repair made using two part epoxy Fill-It wood filler. I dyed it slighlty red to match the finish of the stain/varnish that I will be using. Because it is tenaciously aggressive in terms of bonding ability but still flexible (see PRODUCT TESTING LINK) I have no doubts that this repair will last a very long time.

All loose debris is remove from the wood that is to be restored. Paint, old varnish should be removed as CPES will not be able to penetrate through these surfaces.

After CPES has cured you now apply Fill-It two part epoxy filler to maintain desired shape of wood.

When filler is dry it's very easy to sand and shape, you are now ready for painting but even better apply one more coating of CPES and this will bond the paint to the wood!

Do not confuse this filler with your typical b*** automotive type filler. It will stick to almost anything and stay stuck. I have used it extensively as a adhesive/filler where both properties are required (see projects page). I have used it solely as a filler and solely for its adhesive abilities. It's waterproof and will not crack when bent.

This is a Spruce 2 X 6 that had some extensive rot. It was treated with Clear Penetrating Epoxy Selaer and then Fill-It wood filler was applied. You can see how easily this material sands making it a pleasure to work with.