Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer Layup and Laminating Epoxy Resin Epoxy Clean-Up Solvent MultiWoodPrime
Permanent Concrete Sealer Fill-It Oak & Teak Epoxy Glue  


With the right products, restoration can be achieved with a permanent result. Technology today has made this possible by products manufacture by Smith & Co. Wood can be restored without its removal to its original appearance. Imagine repairing that rotten door sill or window frame without its removal. Maintain the beauty and intricate details of the original by simply applying our penetrating sealer. Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer™ encapsulates rot and strengthens the wood by penetrating into all the cracks and pores. Paint, varnish and stain are now applied creating a surface that will not only stay beautiful but will last the test of tie in all environments.

Our products were originally designed for the MARINE industry. If they can perform in these elements, then imagine how they will perform in your application.

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